Whole Lotta Misfits 

You’ve been asking us for years about when we were coming to a store near you. It’s finally happening. Whole Foods. The wholy grail. One of the nation’s best stores is going to be stocking delicious Misfits bars in the snacking aisle this July. We are so excited to be launching with S’mores, Cookie Butter, Cookies & Cream and the O.G. Caramel. That’s a Whole lotta Misfits.  

Bringing flavors back 

White Choc Spec. Dark Choc Raspberry. Lemon Cheesecake. Mint Choc Chip. Gingerbread? What’s your fave? What flavors do you want us to bring back? Vote now on Instagram here.   

Four ways to boost your protein in-take 

Protein is a crucial nutrient in growth and repair of our bodies. Whether you’re training for a 5k or streaming in 4k we all need enough protein in our diets. We’ve selected the best options to boost your protein intake here. Read more 

How much protein do you need per day 

We get asked this all the time. But online there are so many different answers to this question. So, we decided to look closer to home. We asked some colleagues in the office, all who have different diet goals, how much protein they try to get each day. Check it out here 

Brand Ambassadors wanted 

 Do you bring good vibes? Do you love Misfits? We are seeking motivated Misfits fans to launch our brand ambassador scheme in the US in the First Semester. As an ambassador you’ll lead on marketing campaigns, events, partnerships & content creation to grow awareness. And it’s paid! Send your resume to creators@misfits.health with “Brand Ambassador US” in the subject line. Find out more here. 






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