In the internet age, there’s so much misinformation about. So, we decided to look closer to home. We asked some colleagues in the office, all who have different diet goals, how much protein they try to get each day: 

To have a balanced diet 

What the science says – to maintain a balanced diet most adults need around 0.8g-1.2g protein per kg body weight. To work out your daily protein goal all you need to do is multiple your body weight by 0.8-1.2 and that will give you a target to aim for.  

 “For me, health is about having a healthy relationship with food and to achieve this I believe in balance!   workout to stay fit and support my mental health but naturally, I get more hungry on these days. I’m aware protein post workout supports muscle recovery and keeps me fuller for longer. So, on these days, when I’m in the mood for an indulgent treat, I’ll grab a Misfits bar or wafer” Tessa Baneth 

What I ate today 

Misfits wafer - 9g protein 

Veggie sausages, potatoes & salad - 202g protein 

Packet of lentil crisps - 5g protein 

White fish, lentils, asparagus - 35g protein 

Total - 69g protein 


To impact the planet less 

What the science says – when consuming mostly plant-based proteins combining different sources helps to achieve a complete protein source (with all the essential amino acids). It may also pay to consume a little more protein to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. To support an active lifestyle, aiming for 1.2-1.6g protein per kg body weight is a good daily target.  

“I’m pretty active, weight training 3x per week and running in between that so I need to keep my protein intake up. I don’t want my diet to cost the earth (literally or figuratively) so I tend to opt for mostly plant-based protein sources. I throw a high protein smoothie together most mornings to start the day well. Pulses like lentils, chickpeas and (my fave) butter beans help me add protein to salads, soups and stews or whizz up a high protein dip – they're also pretty cheap. Then there’s tofu and tempeh – the key is to learn how to make them delicious – tik tok and instagram have heaps of tips for this. Of course, most days there’s Misfits bars thrown in the mix for when the savoury stuff gets boring.” Nicki Skidmore 

What I ate today  

Protein shake with soy milk - 28g protein 

Smoked tofu with rice and green veggies - 25g protein 

Misfits white choc caramel bar - 15g protein 

Vegan chorizo & chickpea wraps - 22g protein 

Total - 90g protein 



To build muscle  

What the science says – to build muscle we need to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, two ways to do this are increasing protein intake and resistance (weight) training.  Aiming for 1.4-1.8g protein per kg of body weight as your daily protein goal is a great place to start, alongside a consistent and progressive weight training programme.  

“My metabolism is so quick. I think I burn through a lot of calories just working at my desk. But I do find myself having to consume food regularly between meals. I like to have a misfits bar on hand to keep me full between the 5 meals a day I need consume, or to get me home from the gym after a long days work’’ Aaron Howe 

What I ate today 

Protein yoghurt - 20g protein 

50g rice, 3x chicken thighs, prawn salad - 60g protein 

More chicken thighs - 30g protein 

Mexican sausage pasta - 35g protein 

Misfits cereal - 14g protein 

Total - 159g protein 



To lose weight 

What the science says – to lose weight you need to be consuming less calories than you burn on a daily basis (in a calorie deficit). When in a calorie deficit, maintaining a higher protein intake can help preserve lean muscle mass and also help with feelings of satiety. Aiming for 1.2-1.6g protein per kg of body weight is a good place to start for your daily protein goal here, alongside a moderate calorie deficit.  

“My approach to diet is to be good 80 per cent of the time. Life is for living, so I need to have a few treats now and again. But I’d definitely say I have an unhealthy relationship with sugar. This is probably what I “manage” the worst in my diet, especially at night after a long day in the office. So recently, I’ve swapped out unhealthy evening sweet treats and have the occasional protein wafer instead. This means I get my sugar fix with less than 1 gram of sugar, up my protein intake, and consume less than 200 calories. Some of those big candy bars out there have nearly 1000 calories. I can’t believe it’s still legal it’s just crazy.” Henry Hepworth 

What I ate today 

Weetabix and banana - 12g protein 

Salmon sushi - 25g protein 

Avocado salad, pasta ragu - 50g protein 

Misfits wafer 9g protein 

Total - 96g protein 


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