Do what makes you happy

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs looking after, sometimes your mind could use a little TLC too. And the best way to keep you smiling is by taking time out each day to do something that makes you happy. It can be anything you like, but we thought we’d offer up some suggestions just in case.

Soak up some positivity. Grab some Epsom salts, turn off your phone and relax in a hot bath with a good book for the ultimate distraction-free chill. And if one of our Chocolate Protein Bars ends up in there with you, we won’t judge.

Walk if off. Sometimes, stepping away from the computer and into the outside world is a real mood booster. Try mixing it up by finding new routes to explore, pop on your headphones and feel the stress stroll away.

Get crafty. Ever fancied yourself as an artist? Thought about writing a book? Enjoy spending time in the garden? Trying out a new hobby is a great way to do something just for yourself and boost those endorphins.

Move your body. Whether you enjoy working out at the gym or dancing round your living room to your favourite band, sometimes it just feels good to shake what your mama gave you.

Talk it out. We’ve all got that one friend we need to text back. Why not try picking up the phone instead? Having a good chinwag with a pal we haven’t spoken to in a while will help you feel great – and will probably make their day too.


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