Whole lotta Misfits  

You guys have been asking us for months when we’re going to be available in stores.  

Well, we've got some great news.  

We’re so excited to announce Misfits bars will be available in WHOLE FOODS nationwide from July.  

This is a pretty big moment for us.  

We’d love to get you guys involved, if you’ve got any ideas, please drop us an email at creators@misfits.health  

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Respect your mother earth 

April 22nd was Earth Day, a celebration raising awareness of the need to protect the earth from pollution and deforestation. 

Here at Misfits, we wanted to share some small things we can all do to help:  

  1. Opt for plant-based meals a few times a week (or more!) 
  2. Buy second hand using sites like Vinted, Depop + Ebay 
  3. Reduce your food waste by organising your fridge & meal planning 
  4. Take note of recycling guidance on packaging, and don’t ‘wishcycle’ 
  5. Learn how to make repairs, a few basic sewing skills and some superglue can extend the life of your favourite items 
  6. Shorten your showers to conserve water - turn the water off while you let that conditioner soak in 
  7. Consider walking, cycling, car-sharing or public transport to reduce your travel impact 


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