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Hey Misfit! Are you an influencer who has a passion for creating super cute content? Do you love Misfits products? Protein is not just for fitness fanatics, we believe it is for everyone! Do you share our brand values? We’d love to collab with you...

Why become a Misfits influencer?

  • Competitive commission structure

  • Unlimited products

  • Unique discount code

  • Invitation to events

  • Creative freedom

  • Personal relationship with the brand

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Meet some of our influencers...

Anna Archer

I’ve always been battling with my mental health. This last year I’ve really focused on trying to feel more balanced. I’ve shared a lot of my journey on social media and will continue to show all my ups and downs

I'm obsessed with the bars! It’s my daily dose of chocolate The brand feels different to your typical protein bar company, more aligned with my values.



I’m Amelia, but most commonly known as Milly G and I share my experience of having an 8 year long undiagnosed eating disorder online. I’ve built a 300k+ community of people (faMILLY) who work towards being their happiest and healthiest selves. Slowly but surely breaking away diet culture

I work with misfits because I genuinely love their products, the people and the brands ethos. I’m not fully vegan but I definitely try my hardest to make more sustainable choices. So having easy and tasty ways to do this with misfits bars (speculoos and mint choc chip specifically) and their powders is perfect for me. Not to mention the packaging is just the CUTEST.


My name is Max and I’m a massive foodie! I’ve loved cooking since the age of 3 and now get to share that passion for cooking with millions of followers all around the world. I’m on a mission to make healthy eating easy, enjoyable and sustainable for everyone.

I like to work with companies that align with my mission and also products that I would personally use or that could benefit my audience. Their protein bars had been my favourite for a long time, and I love that their range is vegan, so I’m super excited to be working with Misfits!

Siobhan Wilson

I play professional football and empower women to make healthier choices and a healthier lifestyle. As well as encouraging them to have a positive mindset and viewpoint of themselves.

I love working with misfits because the team is absolutely amazing, the products are banging and EVERYONE can enjoy them because they’re vegan!


Want to join the mob? Get in touch at influencers@misfits.health